Monday, April 8, 2013

Soulstice Nairobi

Today I have a new brand that I have very few of: Soulstice Spa. They brand themselves as a vegan-friendly polish, so yay? I'm not vegan so I don't have a say in the fight but as long as a company makes good colours, they can have any lifestyle choices they want!

I give you: Nairobi.

Soulstice Spa Nairobi. This is very warm dark copper. It's lovely.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter and Spring? Spring and Easter? Spreaster?

It is that most delightful time of the year! When Toronto ceases to be such a barren wasteland of dooooooom and the sun comes back to remind us of how awesome it is. Did you know the sun actually imparts heat?? Somehow, I forget this every winter. Also, it's Easter and that means delicious, delicious Easter food!

But first, fancy nails are needed!

For this weekend's Easter festivities, I did egg designs on one hand:

Ugh, so cute! I used:

OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls for the base
Pinky: OPI Can't Find My Czechbook blue, and Nicole by OPI Naturally Pink
Ring: OPI Can't Find my Czechbook blue and Julep Simone purple
Middle: Julep Simone purple and Zoya Neely green
Index: Zoya Neely green and Julep Teri orange
Thumb: Julep Teri orange and Zoya Piaf yellow

I decided to do something a little different for my other hand, and did a swirly-watercolour design.
I used the same colours as the other hand. I put big drops of colour on the nail, then used a small brush to swirl it around. Totally reminds me of a watercolour painting!

I really like how these turned out! Very Spring-y!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Orly Nite Owl

Brown brown brown! An underrated colour, methinks. A nice tan or deep brown can be so lovely. Case in point: Orly Nite Owl.

Orly Nite Owl: Light brown with silver shimmer. It's so cute. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sephora + Pantone Colour of the Year - Emerald

Ooooo! A new Sephora + Pantone nail colour set! I really enjoyed their Tangerine Tango set last year (it had four styles: Creme, Matte, Shimmer and Glitter) so when I heard that they were releasing a set for Emerald I was super excited.

I have mixed feelings about the end product.

 The box is super cute. The left colour is sheer emerald with fairly large gritty holographic glitter. Middle is emerald with a silver shimmer streak. Right is straight emerald glitter.
I chose the middle as a base (this arrived just in time for a St Patrick's day mani!):

Then I decided to use the other two for accents:

 The basic emerald glitter is the French tip, and the holo accented one is the moon design on my middle finger.

Cons? Small bottles and small brushes. Also, the colour variations are not the best. I would have preferred it to be like last year, with the creme, matte, shimmer and glitter themes instead. But it is a nice green. PLUS when I went to close the glitter bottle, I twisted too hard and the neck of the bottle broke! It is now stuck in the cap! I have to go back to Sephora to return it, so I'm a little miffed.

I'll give it to Sephora, their advertising campaign for their Emerald collection is amazing. I don't wear much makeup but I want it all!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Colour Mishmash Part Deux

Happy Saturday! Today is the day for planning my trip to NYC. And also unloading a whole bunch of swatches!

Here we go:

 OPI Call Me Gwen-Ever: Coral coral coral! I will wear this when I cosplay as one of the women of Mad Men. BUT WHICH ONE? Who am I kidding, obviously Joan.

 OPI Lucertainely Look Marvelous: Dark silver. Please and thank you!

 OPI Royal Rajah Ruby: For when you need your vamp turned up to 11.

 OPI You Don't Know Jacques: This colour is for cosplaying as an Upper East Side Lady Who Lunches (TM).

 Sally Hansen Deep Purple: Rawr. Dark purple with flashes of blue.

Sally Hansen Ivy League: Bright, almost tennis ball sheer green. Not for the faint of heart!